Kosovec Handmade Knives


My name is Mladen Kosovec and I’m a knifemaker from Croatia. I specialize in high-performance kitchen knives, but don’t shy away from making a mean bushcraft either.

My knifemaking journey started out of frustration by my dull kitchen knife. Life’s just too short to cut with a dull blade, so I learned how to sharpen it until it was ridiculously sharp. The only problem was it kept its peak sharpness for what felt like single-digit cuts. There had to be something better out there. So I started reading and watching anything I could get my hands on about every aspect of knife making. I bought a bit of equipment and made my first knife out of an old file. It wasn’t really impressive, but it didn’t matter - I was hooked.

Fast forward to today and I have my own shop with lots of top-end equipment which allows me to make very high quality and high-performance knives. I only work with high-quality materials and every single step in making one of my knives is performed exclusively by me. From the moment I receive the materials, through grinding and heat treatment, all the way to making the handle and final whetstone sharpening, I take time and great care to ensure you get the knife you want and the quality I can stand behind.

This is why all my knives come with a lifetime warranty. If a defect ever occurs while doing what the knife was designed to do, and it was caused by either faulty materials or a mistake during the making process, I will repair that knife or make you a new one free of charge. While we’re at it, all Kosovec Handmade Knives will also be sharpened free of charge as long as the customer covers the shipping costs both ways.

If you’d like to know more, have any suggestions, or just want to get in touch, don’t hesitate to contact me. I respond to all messages and do my best to do it quickly.



+385 98 195 0510




Klostar Ivanic, Croatia